Halal Certified Restaurants Map

The Office of Student Affairs and the Dining Service Committee have collected information on Muslim-friendly restaurants on campus and in the surrounding area for those in need of Halal meals. We have compiled a brief "Halal Certified Restaurants Map" as a reference guide for dining. Relevant information is below:

  1. For the map regarding Muslim-friendly restaurants on campus and in the surrounding area, please visit https://meals.ntu.edu.tw/board/detail/sn/2107
  2. Fried Chicken Master on the 2nd floor of the Xiaofu Building is a certified Halal restaurant, please feel free to eat there.

In addition, the following information is provided for your reference. We hope you enjoy many delicious meals in Taiwan!

  1. Muslim-friendly Environments provided by the Tourism Bureau of MOTC:


  1. Taiwan Muslim Certified Restaurant by HalalTW.com


  1. Taiwan Halal Center



Muslim Certified Restaurant Map jpg