Noodles (for references only)

Items Calories(Kcal) Notes
Black pepper noodles 474   
Mushroom noodles 453   
Mushroom noodles with egg 596   
Black pepper noodles with egg 575   
Sauce and sand tea noodles with egg 617   
Kung Pao Chicken noodles with egg 505   
Three cups of chicken noodles with egg 529   
Risotto chicken noodles with egg 560   
Pot of pasta 467   
Dipping sauce noodles 434   
Wonton & noodles 483   
Pork , pickled mustard green noodles 356   
Sliced chicken with noodles 335   
Pork with noodles in pot 480   
Shrimp with noodles in pot 620   
Lamb with noodles 715   
Chicken with mushroom and noodles 373   
Traditional cold noodles 230   
Siwu Chicken soup noodles 396   
Char Siew noodles 301   
Beef soup noodles 580   
Oyster and pork intestine vermicelli 447   
Mussel with loofah and noodles 388